Let us discuss some free ways on how to grab online videos using the hottest browser nowadays which is the Google Chrome. This free software that I will show you works well and have the potential of overcoming those paid video downloader softwares available in the market. So to start things up, here are the best ways to download videos in Google Chrome.

Free download FLV video in Chrome with Video Grabber

Compatibility is not an issue with this downloader for it runs well in every browser. Even though it is for free, Video Grabber has added features to its arsenal aside from downloading videos that makes it stand out among the others. Some of which include video conversion, directly rip audio file from a video clip, and screen recorder. To use this service all you need to do is to open the Video Grabber site, and open the flash video that you want. Then copy the URL of the FLV video that you want and paste it in the box provided on the Video Grabber’s site. Press the download button and your done.

Please note that Author isn't responsible for media content which you download. We suggest to check first media copyright permissions before to download particular video or audio. Please be careful with it.



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