RFID Race Timing Solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one type of wireless communication that incorporates the use of electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum to identify the living beings & non-living beings.

RFID uses the RFID Readers, Antenna, UHF Tag integrated with the customized application, which defines system architecture to accomplish the race with the tag technology. Use of RFID Timing systems in the field of sports in the new revolution towards the sport event industries.

With the coming of RFID timing solutions, it is much more comfortable and fasts to come as a result, with accuracy. We are as RFID Expert providing the Hardware and Software System for the Race Timing Solution for the various sports activity like the swimming, marathon, cyclotron, Police & Cops recruitment and running competitions.

This what bring Metizsoft Solutions in fore!


(Radio Frequency Identification) RFID IN


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